Educational opportunities at the Airigami Balloon Adventure

This year we're excited to add some classes to the Airigami Adventure to enhance the experience. We've always tried to offer spots on the crew for people that really want to be immersed in an art project and learn everything there is to know about large-scale balloon sculpture. Of course, not everyone that wants to learn can spend four days on the crew. With that in mind, we've put together a variety of opportunities to accommodate different interests.

  • Crew experience ($40 for one participant, with discounts for additional) - In this two-hour session on either of the first two days of the build (Jan 25 or Jan 26), you can be a part of the crew, learning how to work with the balloons and creating pieces that will be used in this year's sculpture. This is a great opportunity for those that don't have time to join the crew for the full four days of building but do want a taste of what's involved. It's also a chance for kids under 15 to participate in a more controlled setting.
  • Group Talk and Twist ($10) - This is for all ages, from kindergarten to seniors that want to learn how to make some basic balloon animals and talk to one of the artists that worked on big sculpture. Get questions answered and learn more about what happens behind the scenes.
  • Experiment with balloon breakdown ($20 for the kit) - One of the most common questions we get all year round is about the waste generated by our projects. The answer is "very little". Balloons decompose and can be composted. We've put together a small package to allow scout groups, homeschoolers, or others interested in studying the science to do their own composting experiments with the balloons to see for themselves just how environmentally friendly balloons are.
  • Giving Thanks (free) - A project of this magnitude isn’t possible without the support of many generous individuals and businesses. We believe this is the perfect opportunity to teach children how to show gratitude. Children are invited to send written thank you notes, cards, photos and drawings to be shared with individual crew members, volunteers and sponsors. We will provide a brainstorming guide for group leaders on a week before the event begins. Items can be dropped off to the Airigami gift shop during the event, or mailed in bulk directly to the Airigami studio for distribution.

More details and registration information can be found at