Dragons spotted at the Bay Area Maker Faire

This year, at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA, we built a dragon with a fun community element. Following a few successful mosaic installations, we decided it was time to combine a mosaic with something grander. Thanks to the hundreds of participants that took part in the building of the castle mosaic, we were able to provide a 25-foot tall backdrop to our massive flying creature. In the video, you can see the crowd enjoying themselves in this endeavor. They worked on our background, but hardly in the background. Anyone approaching our space had to see the huge crowds gathering to add their small elements to the community-built piece. Watch until the end to see the dragon's rather unusual departure from the event.

Design: Kelly Cheatle Construction leads: Larry Moss and Brian Asman Additional artists: Jeanine Von Essen, Rob Shapiro, Alina Shkrab And hundreds of community participants.