Creative kids - photography

santa by Kelly Cheatle We had a very kid-focused December, and not just because our kids were home from school for an extended holiday. The month brought some fun educational diversions. We always support programs that involve kids creating art. When those programs go beyond just a bit of art exposure and have a larger community impact, we get really excited.

One of those diversions took place in the studio a couple weeks ago when we were visited by the Studio 678 photo club. This is a program of Community Darkroom at Genesee Center for the Arts & Education in Rochester, NY. The program teaches photography to sixth, seventh and eighth graders in the city. I had a blast talking to the kids, introducing them to the work we do, and watching them use their cameras to capture the things that excited them. What I saw wasn't just a bunch of kids snapping throw-away pics on pocket sized digital cameras, but a group of interested students learning about the use of SLR film cameras. They were learning to take their time looking for their shot because each shot mattered. They were working together, sharing, and creating art. I listened to stories about the program and what it teaches beyond art. I saw how much fun they were having. Then we discussed a problem they're experiencing. Funding cutbacks are endangering the future of the program. If you'd like to learn more about the program and what you can do to help, start reading here.