Chuga chuga choo choo

Train engine display at Perinton Square Mall I've been focusing so heavily on large scale and high profile things lately, I almost forgot how much fun it can be to do something small and local. The Perinton Square Mall, in a suburb near home, was having a promotional event. This is a small mall with mostly small, family-owned shops.  I had a blast talking to the folks that came by as I worked.  It felt like just a couple hours of playing as people tried to guess what I was making. It's never any fun to tell them ahead of time.  And of course, if I don't tell them, I'm free to change my mind.

Once the sculpture was finished, we had a stream of kids taking their turns inside the train to pose for photos. They seemed to have as much fun watching and playing with the creation as I had making it. The goal of this one wasn't to make something that would last forever.  It was to have fun while the mall was open that day.  So many kids got their hands on it, I have no idea how long the sculpture lasted, and I honestly don't care. Balloons don't last forever anyway.  I'm glad they could enjoy it.