Car class with Robbie Furman

Years ago, I was approached at a convention that I was teaching at by a man that promised it would just be a short time before I would recognize his name. He loved balloons, wanted to learn everything he possibly could about the medium, and planned to spread the joy of creating art with balloons by teaching the knowledge he gathered. That man was Robbie Furman. He did what he promised. He's spent quite a bit of time traveling around the world, continuing to learn, while sharing what he's already learned. This week, he taught a class at Airigami for the local artists. The goal for the day was to build a life-size car. Success came after several hours of hard work by the class.

Some class members working on the body of the car.

Robbie's instruction took the class through a full car that people could sit in. Details were to come during open jam time.

The finished car, ready to hit the town.

In the parking lot, Robbie noticed a flat tire.


Thanks, Robbie for coming to town. We're looking forward to your next visit.

The next class in the studio is on September 18 when Buster Balloon and David Brenion come to town. More information, and to register for class, visit and check out T Jam on the Road.