Breaking news: Big Bad Wolf finds an ally in Angry Birds

It seems like an unlikely team. What could possibly bring together a wolf and a flock of birds? Obviously, a common enemy. Something needs to be done about those troublesome pigs, and this is the team that can do it. The wolf is known for breath strong enough to take down all but brick houses. A bunch of birds attacking from above are great at infiltrating pig strongholds. Put them together, and they're an invincible lot.

We're feeling like the wolf and birds right now with a barrier we need to break down and all of you, our supporters are our allies in this fight. With just under a month to go on our Kickstarter project, we're 46% funded. That's not bad at all. We know we can do this.

This whole project is picking up momentum. We've gotten an invitation to show all of the Once Upon a Time series at the Strong National Museum of Play. We'll share more info on that as things develop.

If you haven't already, please take a look at our book project on Kickstarter. Even a contribution of $1 and sharing the link with friends helps. Thanks!