Balloon Manor is back!

In the past, Balloon Manor was a giant 10-room, 10,000 square foot haunted house made entirely out of balloons! Over 100,000 balloons were used to create each haunted castle, and all of the amazing creations inside including: marvelous monsters and giant ghosts, creaking castle walls and freaky furniture, gruesome greenery and much much more.

beanstalk-concept-sketchThis year, Balloon Manor will be a single giant-scale balloon installation spanning five stories of the Sibley Building. While you won’t be able to walk through the castle at the top of the bean stalk, you will be able to view this unique air-filled sculpture from the open balconies. And best of all, it’s free to see! And you’ve really got to see it in person to appreciate the artistry and hard work that goes into this incredible, ephemeral project.

Funding is an extremely important piece of any project. Since we’re creating art for the community, we thought the best way to cover our expenses would be to ask for community support. We had good luck with in the past and feel it’s the best way for us to raise the money we need to pay for supplies and our amazing crew. Kickstarter allows anyone to give any amount of money toward a project, and ensures that all backers get rewarded for their support. If you feel you can give anything to support our efforts, please head over to our Kickstarter page now.

Not sure how you feel about contributing funds to the project? Check out some of the stuff we’re giving as rewards to our backers. We have a range of items at varying levels from refrigerator magnets up to fine art prints on canvas to hang in your home or office. We’re even offering opportunities for you to host your fairy tale wedding right in Jack’s garden, or have your company banner on site for thousands of people to see.


There are artists, team leaders, and tech crew that are needed to make this happen. The size of the crew will depend on the amount of funding we receive, in part because the crew will come from our Kickstarter backers, but also because the funding we receive will determine how large this project can grow. In the past, we’ve had up to 450 people, including artists, and members of the local community, take part in construction.

Can I be on the crew?

Yes! Please become a backer of this project. At this time, the only way we are adding crew members is through Kickstarter and outside sponsorship. All that we ask is for a positive attitude and that you’re willing to work for at least 4 consecutive hours during the build.

THANK YOU for your help!