A little magic happening at Airigami

My career working with balloons was launched from an earlier interest in magic. And, while I don't perform magic these days, I do love keeping at least some connection to the magic community. Our balloon class last month featuring John Reid was a such a hit, he decided he wanted to come back and offer one of his magic lectures. Why host a magic lecture in a balloon studio? Well, aside from the fact that John offered, I figured that enough of the entertainers that hang out with us in the studio are also magicians that it just made sense. If you've been buying magic tricks one after another or you have attended lectures by other magicians, you're well aware how frustrating it is to create magic moments to add a real, heartfelt connection with your audience. I'm sure you've found out, it has only resulted in yet another shiny object that just didn't work. Pushing you further away from your goal.

That's why John Reid's Bit's and Pieces magic workshop was something we had to share with you!

Don't Miss this One Night Only Event! Join world renowned performer, world record holder, lecturer and manufacturer of quality magic: the one and only John Reid!

John shares with you...

  • How to make a real Cresey mouth coil and how to use it in ways you've never dreamed of...

  • How to turn any paper napkin into a rose. What magic really is and why you even do magic...

  • A step-by-step system to add those magic moments to your show which is important because it saves time in learning by trial and error.

He also gives you insider secrets and performance tips which is powerful because it will help your show stand out from the crowd.

How to make your magic last well beyond the short time you spend with your audience.

Monday June 19 2017 7:00pm – 10pm. Come early for F R E E pizza & pop at 6:30pm. $25 at the door. $20 if you register in advance. Airigami Studio, 510 State St, Suite 7, Rochester, NY 14608.

Register now at shop.airigami.com. (Class registrations at the bottom of that page.)