A day of classes by Debbie Stevens

imgres-4Debbie Stevens will be coming from Toronto to teach and jam. Join us on March 30, 2013 at the Airigami Studio. The day will be broken down into two class sessions, from 12pm-2pm and 3pm-5pm, followed by a jam in the studio for as long as everyone would like to stay. Bring food or chip in for pizza. We'll make sure to have munchies to snack on.

Register in advance to save $10. ($50 at the door. $40 in advance).

Cocktail Buddies

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find something that an adult can relate to and turn it into a balloon bracelet: You now have captured their attention. What woman doesn't love purses, shoes or diamonds. Try interactive soccer and basketball bracelets for the men, watch as they play sport at a company event. Maybe even a cool motorcycle bracelet. Mission Accomplished: These adults will want the balloons for themselves and not their kids. Envision the fun and laughter these creations will add to your adult events. Balloons are an interactive activity, a souvenir, and an ice breaker, ALL IN ONE.

Balloon Hair

Join Debbie as she shows you how to turn a real live person into a balloon CARTOON character. We all know how to make some type of costume or dress, so now try adding hair to that character. Instantly she looks like she has stepped out of a cartoon. These designs are modelled after real hair designs that attach directly to the hair or can be created as a wig. They truly are adorable and unique cartoon characters that you could have roaming at corporate events, fashion shows, stage shows, festivals, or maybe even turn yourself into a CARTOON BALLOON ARTIST!!!!

About Debbie Stevens

Debbie began working as a balloon artist in 1997, and has since won numerous industry awards, including “Top Twister” at Twist & Shout 2004, and “Top Fashion Designer” in the Balloon Couture Fashion Show at Twist & Shout 2012. She is an international instructor, teaching balloon creations in Canada, the United States, Europe, and China. Debbie has also produced numerous videos on balloon design, from Balloon Dresses to 646Q Creations. Debbie’s balloon designs and instructions have also been featured in “Balloon Magic® -The Magazine.”

Debbie is both owner and proud member of The Twisted Ones in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Twisted Ones are corporate balloon artists, entertaining across Canada and the United States with their Balloon Extravaganza Stage Shows. Learn more at TheTwistedOnes.com.

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