“I had this idea…”

It’s ambitious. It’s gigantic. It’s even a little weird. But is your vision for an image or installation feasible? Airigami can sit down with you and talk about any idea you’ve dreamed up. Consider its logistics. How it might be engineered. We can make almost anything work, and work well. Let’s team up from square one.

Still other times, you’re looking for more than a sculptural centerpiece or installation—you’re looking for help building an entire experience for your event. Our team frequently consults with clients on the conceptual aspects of their gatherings, so that they can incorporate Airigami’s work into the full experience. That can include more sprawling installations with multiple focal points, or involve novice community participants in the work's construction.

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Transform balloon sculpture into sleek graphics.

The unusual contours and surfaces of scenery created with balloons makes this an eye-catching look in other media, too. Our team can create illustrations and animations based on Airigami sculptures that you can apply to a wide range of applications—from advertising campaigns to children’s programming.

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