Makey Mosaic

Makey Mosaic

We’ve been invited to show our work at many Maker Faires. Most of the smaller faires can’t support our large projects financially, so we came up with an approach to hands-on projects that can be executed by the community with minimal support. A series of short, step-by-step videos can be followed, with Airigami-supplied plans and equipment, and giant scale, biodegradable balloon mosaics can be made.

We tried out our first of these at the Lynchburg Mini Maker Faire to great success. Now we can get to work on refining this so that others can also enjoy similar experiences.

Over 1000 balloons were used by the community of makers at the Lynchburg Mini Maker Faire to create this mosaic. All attendees were invited to join in. The project was designed by Airigami, but made by over 100 people. We’re hoping to take this exhibit, and whatever comes next, to more Maker Faires.

We’re carefuly documenting and streamlining the process so we can package it up for Maker Faires across the world.

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