Maker Faire Kuwait

It never ceases to amaze me how different Maker Faires can be around the world. While makers generally want to share their creations, we see completely different things everywhere we go. That’s why it was so much fun to create something new in Kuwait, different from the past Maker Faires we attended. This dragon with outstretched wings was built through the faire as crowds watched. The dragon measured 23 feet from snout to tail and used 2352 balloons.

Airigami balloon dragonIt’s always fun to see how many people take photos of their families and friends in front of our finished installations.

Airigami photo ops

It’s been a while since we shared a build video from one of our larger installations and it seems that they’ve been missed. Enjoy this quick peek at the process of constructing a giant dragon.


As is common at Maker Faires, other makers wanted to get involved. With the help of a few drone operators, we tried to get a small dragon into the air. With one attempt behind us, maybe we’ll be more successful at future events with more drones. 

Almost flying balloon dragon

A secondary activity was going on simultaneously, allowing anyone attending the fair to make their own little mini-Makey robot headband out of balloons. This gave onlookers a taste of what it’s like to create artwork using balloons. 

Mini Makey in Kuwait

I hope to see more of you at upcoming Maker Faires. We have more ideas and more interactive activities planned.


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