Makey at Mt Fuji


We've had the privilege of building Makey at several Maker Faires. Looking at the photos, we realized there was no way for most of our audience to tell from the pics where each build was. That's when we had this crazy idea. If Makey was going on a. world tour, we needed to position him in front of something that would only be found in that part of the world. And what better landmark could we use to start this tour than Japan's Mt. Fuji? We'd love to see him in front of landmarks around the world. Let us know if you've got a Maker Faire where you like and would like to see him in your region.

As with our other Bubble Mural projects, the Airigami team built the feature sculpture (Makey) while attendees of the Faire followed our plan and built the mural of Mt. Fuji.

The project was led by Kelly and Larry. Thanks to the amazing team that helped construct it all: Azusa Ieizumi, Tomoe Sohma, Pika Shimooka, Sosuke Horike, Etsuko Takesita, Nozomi Hirano, Nanako Kasahara, Kaori Kimizuka