Balloon Installations & Exhibitions

Elastic Park: Acrocanthosaurus | 2013 • Virginia Museum of Natural History

The Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, VA hosted the Airigami team for a 4 day dino build. The Acrocanthosaurus was surrounded not only by Cretaceous-inspired plants, but by amazed visitors to the museum.

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Designers: Larry Moss, Kelly Cheatle
Project Type: Public Build/Display
Approximate Size: Dinosaur- 20' l x 10' h
Approximate Number of Balloons: 5,000
Crew Members:
Community Volunteers: 50
Build Days: 4
Exhibition Duration: 1 week




Once Upon a Time | Arts & Cultural Council, Rochester, NY

The Once Upon a Time series was inspired by childhood memory, with fantasy “snapshots” from classic children’s stories, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. The images are a combination of balloon sculpture, photography and illustration and reproduced as canvases and photographs. The artwork is currently on display in the Airigami studio, and is available for purchase in our online shop.

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Designers: Larry Moss, Kelly Cheatle
Project Type: Gallery Exhibition & Installation
Approximate Number of Balloons: 1,000
Crew Members: 3
Build Days: 2
Exhibition Duration: 30 days





ARTPRIZE 2009: Putting on Airs | Grand Rapids, MI

The Putting on Airs installation explored classical works of art and focused on a full scale 3-D re-envisioning of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. This breathtaking installation was built in only three days on-site at Paula Scott Unlimited. In keeping with their chosen medium of latex, Larry and Kelly even painted the backdrop with latex paint.

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Designers: Larry Moss, Kelly Cheatle
Artist: Cathy Adams
Project Type: Gallery Exhibition & Installation
Approximate Size: approximately 14' l
Approximate Number of Balloons: 1500
Crew Members: 5
Build Days: 3
Exhibition Duration:
 1 week





Balloon Manor | Rochester, NY

Balloon Manor  amazing, 10-room, 10,000-square foot, walk-through haunted house made from 100,000 balloons. This project is so big, you’ll want to visit the Balloon Manor web site for more information.

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Larry Moss on The Martha Stewart Show, Part 1:httpv://

Part 2:

Lead Designer: Larry Moss
Co-Lead Designer & Chief Monster Maker: Buster Balloon
Project Type: public build/walk-through exhibit
Approximate Size: 10,000 square feet
Approximate Number of Balloons: 100,000/year
Crew Members: 50-75
Community Volunteers: up to 350/year
Build Days: 5-7
Exhibition Duration: 10 days


Fantastic Flying Octopus | 2003 • Sodus Point, NY

A 23-member team of balloon artists, an eight-member flight crew, and countless community members were needed to launch the first ever piloted latex balloon sculpture. Nearly 20,000 animal balloons were twisted together by the hand-picked team of artists from around the US and Canada to create the Fantastic Flying Octopus. Several thousand people showed up to watch the construction and launch of the craft, powered by wind and 10,000 cubic feet of helium.

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Designer: Larry Moss
Pilot: John Ninomiya
Project Type: Parade/Flight
Approximate Size: 40'w; 10,000 cubic feet of Helium
Approximate Number of Balloons:
Crew Members: 23
Flight Crew: 8
Build Days: 5
Exhibition Duration: 1 day




Soccer Players | Mol Belgium

The soccer player sculpture is the largest non-round balloon sculpture in the world. It was constructed with 40,781 non-round balloons. There was no framing, line, glue, or anything besides inflated latex balloons used within the sculpture. Everything pictured (with the exception of the two designers), including the people, the goal, and the grass, were made from balloons. A total of 44 people worked on this project in a variety of ways. Construction of the sculpture took over 640 man hours. The sculpture stood 25 feet (7.6 meters) tall and was about 80 feet wide. Each of the soccer players was approximately 40 feet (12 meters) tall.

Airigami_Soccer Players


Designers: Larry Moss, Royal Sorell
Project Type: World Record Attempt/Public Display
Number of Balloons: 40,781
Approximate Size: 80' l x 25' h
Crew Members: 44
Build Days: 5
Exhibition Duration: 1 week






Nebuta | Tokyo, Japan

This samurai and demon sculpture was the first mega huge balloon project for Airigami. It was built in Tokyo with a crew combining Japanese celebrities and a television stage crew. Larry didn't speak the language of his crew, but they were all able to communicate through art and produced something absolutely amazing. While our building style has evolved in the years since this project, this project sparked Larry's interest in community-style builds.


Designer: Larry Moss
Project Type: Televised Build/Appearance
Approximate Size: 25' l x 15' h
Approximate Number of Balloons: 15,000 
Crew Members:
Build Days: 5