And he puffed ... again


Back in 2013, we put out a children's book with the help of Kickstarter funding. And He Puffed: An inflated story of the Three Little Pigs received a bunch of great reviews, and as a result, we found ourselves in discussions with publishers. Unfortunately, it never did get released to anyone outside of our Kickstarter backers. From time to time, people ask us where they can get a copy. Sometimes it's people that just learned about it. Other times it's people that once owned a copy that has since been loved by too many children and is need of replacement. 

We got tired of telling people it isn't available any more and have decided to stop waiting for the right publishing deal. We're going to reprint it ourselves. Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement. We'll be doing another print run very soon through Kickstarter with the goal of having them in your hands in early November.