Greetings from NY, Museum displays, and a new face at Airigami

Greetings from New York

Conferences exist for all kinds of specialities. In our business, we get to experience many of them. There’s always a place for unique decor that people can experience and share. At the annual conference for the Museum Association of New York a few weeks ago, we got to show pride in our state with this oversized postcard that greeted everyone as they entered the hotel lobby. Standing seven feet high, this made for a great backdrop to many people’s photos.


Giant Jewelry

While it’s always a joy to create the things our clients ask us to do for them, it can be a lot of fun when the folks we work with invite us to be creative with the space we’re in and the company surrounding us. With all the museum professionals around us at the MANY conference, we decided to create something elegant that could easily be part of a museum’s collection. (In the past, we have had the opportunity to recreate things from collections. In this case, we got creative on our own.) It’s not every day you get to make jewelry large enough to be worn by a giant.

Jewelry for a giant.

Jewelry for a giant.


Honoring an old friend with a new color twist

I just returned from Utah where a celebration was taking place. This wasn't one that I was decorating, but one that I got to take part in. The event was honoring Marvin Hardy and the incredible work he did for years in helping to grow the world of balloon art. Long before Airigami got started, Marvin was innovating with balloons. One of his more unique projects decades ago was the creation of a series of kaleidoscopes built with balloons. In an effort to honor Marvin and to celebrate with him, we decided to revisit the idea of a kaleidoscope exhibit. We started from scratch and created an all new kaleidoscope. We’ve been developing a STEAM program that involves light and color-mixing to go along with the kaleidoscopes.

This is a view from inside a balloon Kaleidoscope.


For the last 10 years, we (as Larry and Kelly, not as Airigami) have been on the committee producing TEDxRochester. Of course, we’re always happy to bring balloons into any event we take part in. This year, Kelly’s stage design incorporated quite a few balloons.

Even better than having our balloons on stage and all over the event, our resident mathematician gave a talk this year.

Derrick Taylor speaking on the importance of asking meaningful questions.

Derrick Taylor speaking on the importance of asking meaningful questions.

A new face at Airigami

We’ve been so busy lately that it was time to expand our staff. Our artists are great at creating awesomeness at events. We needed someone that could bring that same awesomeness to our office and client relationships. Jazzmin Kamau has joined our team as the Airigami Synergist.

What’s a synergist? In science a synergist is something that increases effectiveness or enhances an effect by cooperating with others. That’s exactly what Jazz will be doing here at Airigami!

Jazzmin Kamau - Airigami’s new synergist.

Jazzmin Kamau - Airigami’s new synergist.


Coming up

June 2, 2019 Maker Faire NoVa - We’ll be inviting the public to participate in the construction of a Bubble Mural™. If you’re in the Northern VA area, stop by and join us.