Working with Airigami


All Airigami projects are custom designed. Conceptual sketches, plans and drawings are developed before a project is constructed. Job pricing is based upon projected design time, man hours, materials, travel and accommodations. We work with budgets ranging from a few hundred dollars for a small event piece or spot illustration, to over $100k for epic-scale creations and events.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Sculptures

Under the right indoor conditions we have had large scale balloon sculptures thrive for up to a month. While we expect most sculptures to look good for a week after creation, when selecting a location for your sculpture the ideal environment has minimal fluctuations in temperature, is free of direct sun and floor debris.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.57.06 AM

Having a sculpture outside dramatically reduces the amount of time a sculpture will look its best. Heat, sun, wind and debris will oxidize and pop balloons. We advise against placing sculptures outside, unless they are only going to be visible for a short period of time (for example a parade float or flying sculpture.) Airigami will only build large scale sculptures in an indoor environment, after which they can be moved outdoors. We do not reccomend placing sculptures in heats in excess of 85°F/29°C.

Sculpture Construction

The build period is an exciting visual experience for the community to enjoy and to generate news interest. A typical Airigami build lasts from 1 to 5 days depending upon complexity, crew size and customer need.

Popping and Disposal

Balloon sculptures are easily broken down. Popping parties are a fun way to celebrate the end of a sculpture. The resulting latex balloon debris can even be composted.


Airigami gets attention. We will gladly support your PR and media efforts by being available for interviews, and providing imagery for press inquiries. The addition of a time lapse recording of your build is available for all packages.

Let’s get started

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