Upcoming events

Here we list upcoming public appearances of note along with events we host in our studio in Rochester NY. 

Public events

Maker Faire Bay Area

Make with Us!

We’re excited about returning to Maker Faire Bay Area 2018. We’ve got a really cool project planned. This year, don’t just watch. Come and help us construct something special for the Faire.

 This will be our second year being part of Maker Faire Tokyo. Like in the Bay Area, we’re looking forward to having a lot of community participation.  We can’t wait to work with everyone we met last year, as well as new visitors to the Faire this year.



Scott Tripp and Sam CremeensBalloon Blast Live with Scott Tripp and Sam Cremeens

May 22, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, plus jamming after
$115 for a full day including lunch
$115 if paid by 5/1/18
$125 before 5/16/18
$150 at the Door subject to availability
Register through Rosetheclassylassie@gmail.com

Smoosh! With Scott Tripp
Smoosh sculptures have a distinctive look- Simple, clean, efficient, and impossibly cute. Working with primarily round balloons also makes these sculptures more relatable and more interesting to the average person- The Smoosh concept reimagines round balloons as building blocks, making these sculptures a simple matter of combining parts to build anything you can imagine! ISmoosh Critters has changed the way I twist and the way I approach balloon sculpting in general. And I hope it can do the same for you!

Disrupt! With Scott Tripp
(an introduction)- A disruption is a sudden event the breaks an established pattern, shattering what is considered normal. Many of the designs shown in this class would fall under the category of “Multi- Media” balloon sculptures, or sculptures with non-balloon elements or add-ons. We’ll discuss what makes these sculptures work, and why they are more powerful and memorable than the average bal- loon sculpture. . Small innovations begat small steps forward, but a disruption can ignite a giant leap.

Quick Link with Sam Cremeens
Critters Quick, cute, and easy, AND Real World Tested! These little critters make the most of the versatility of linking balloons to create adorable characters that are PERFECT for bracelets, hair- bands, or candy cups!

A Few Of My Favorite Things with Sam Cremeens
Sometimes, I just get bored with doing the same design over and over and over and over… So I came up with these particular designs just to change things up a bit! All of these came from re- quests in my weekly restaurant work! Twister tested, kid approved!

Andrea NoelAndrea Noel

July 2, 2018 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
$100 for full day including lunch.
$50 for half day

Andrea has been performing since the age of 4. At the age of 14, she acquired a book on balloon art and a set of juggling equipment, and her passion for circus blossomed from there. She has performed around the United States as well as abroad. When she is not on stage, Andrea can be found working in medicine and looking for ways to creatively enhance the healthcare experience through caring, comedy, and circus.

Andrea’s classes will include two of the following:

1. Line work designs (3-4min)
2. Restaurant designs (5-7min)
3. Showstopper deliverables (15-20min)

Register in the Airigami Shop. (scroll to the bottom of the page for classes).