Soccer Players

Airigami_Soccer Players In 2000 Larry Moss and Royal Sorell designed and built the record-shattering sculpture of Soccer Players to celebrate the World Cup. It was constructed with 40,781 non-round balloons. There was no framing, line, glue, or anything besides inflated latex balloons used within the sculpture. Everything pictured (with the exception of the two designers), including the people, the goal, and the grass, were made from balloons. A total of 44 people worked on this project in a variety of ways. Construction of the sculpture took over 640 man hours. The sculpture stood 25 feet (7.6 meters) tall and was about 80 feet wide. Each of the soccer players was approximately 40 feet (12 meters) tall.

Designers: Larry Moss, Royal Sorell
Project Type: World Record Attempt/Public Display
Location: Mol, Belgium
Number of Balloons: 40,781
Approximate Size: 80′ l x 25′ h
Crew Members: 44
Build Days: 5
Exhibition Duration: 1 week