Journey on the Genesee


Airigami Adventure: Journey on the Genesee was a public art project that captured the natural wonder of the Genesee region, using 40,000 compostable Qualatex latex balloons. Working with the YMCA of Greater Rochester and the Seneca Park Zoo Society, we were able to do an art project that enhanced the STEM education programs offered by the YMCA and captured the zoo’s efforts to study and improve the Genesee River.

Designers: Kelly Cheatle, Larry Moss
Project Type: Public Display
Location: Rochester, NY
Approximate Number of Balloons: 40,000
Approximate Size: 30’l x 30’w x 60’h
Crew Members: 73
Build Days: 4
Exhibition Duration: 10 days


Suzanne Haring – Artist Wrangler
Richard Hughson – MacGyver
Michael Hardy – Sponsorship Director
Sally Cohen – PR
Lanna Lee Maheux – Social Media Maven
Dan Schneiderman – Social Media Maven
Renee Veniskey – Photography
Ward Hartenstein – Sound Design
Aprille Byam
Todd Neufeld
Lisa McIntire
Drew Ripley
Brian Asman
Laurie Straus

Crew members:
Agnes Niewiadomski, Andrew Weaver, Antony Romo, Deborah Fellman, Derek Wong, Faye M. Ori, Janice Spagnola, Jeff D’Ambrosio, John Slack, John Wolfson, Julie Zauzmer, Ken Romo, Kenwyn Dapo, Kim Spagnola, Linda Ripley, Maria Torres, Marsha Gallagher, Millie Boon, Mordeci Swald, Patti Gutter, Rachael Tachco, Remy Fenster, Robin Schepler, Rose Hasan, Sean Miller, Steph Smith, Stephanie Swald, Stuart Gutter, TJ Michael, Tracy Michael, Victoria Flugel, Vince Mehringer, Terry Moore, Walter Crum, David Lima, Katie Le, Tim Henshaw, Derrick Taylor, Libby Varno-Colbert, Michael Abrahamson, Barbara Kopp, Mark Spencer, Ihuoma Nkem, Lois Sprague, Debby Rice, Sheryl Watts, Diane Tunney, Julie Michael, Daron Lowell, Valerie Allison, Khiet Huynh-Hartman, Katherine Baca-Bielinis, Mary Ann Proia, Nicole Wolfson, Casey Wun, Joel Byam, Chris Durand