Multiplying bunnies

We recently mentioned that Derrick has been working on math videos in the studio. And of course, when you're teaching math, you kinda have to use bunnies from time to time. That's where Kelly and Larry came in. We filled the studio with bunnies to help Derrick with his next video.

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Larry MossAirigami
Valentine's Day recap

It's pretty obvious that we love balloons. We wouldn't be doing what we do if that weren't the case. But one of the greatest joys to us is seeing how other people react to our creations. This Valentine's Day, one of our local Wegmans grocery stores asked us to decorate. It was great being able to enhance the floral display with a few balloons.

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New year, new web site, lots of updates

It’s a new year and a great time for other new things, like a new Airigami web site. It’s also a chance to recap all that’s happened in the last few months. We’ve been so busy working, we haven’t been writing about it. Our latest Kickstarter campaign has come and gone, books have shipped to our backers, we’ve appeared at a few more Maker Faires, community-built Bubble Murals™ have appeared in numerous places, and we’re booking our spring and summer now with a few international exhibitions in the works.

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