Balloon Manor updates

Usually around this time of the month, when I sit down to share updates with everyone, I have collections of new photos from recently completed projects, or sketches of things to come. With Balloon Manor only a couple weeks away, we’ve hardly had time to do anything but work on the one event.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve heard plenty about the upcoming Under the Sea event we have planned. If not, make sure to visit to get caught up on the events we have planned Feb 23-26 in Rochester, NY. Don’t forget to order your popping party tickets.

Boxes of balloons
Hundreds of pounds of Qualatex Balloons (about 40,000 of them) have shown up, ready to be twisted into mermaids, ships, coral, and all sorts of other sea creatures.
Sound gear with Ward
Ward Hartenstein, who has created soundscapes for most of the Balloon Manors in the past is at it again. He stopped by the studio recently to pick up some of the stored audio gear we’ll be using to generate the incredible under water atmosphere.
A small piece of coral reef created for our recent press conference announcing this year’s theme to world.

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