The Hungerford Building
Our home in the Hungerford Building. 1115 E Main St, Suite 234, Rochester, NY 14609. (585) 359-8695
Hungerford Logo
Airigami is a member of the Hungerford Urban Artisans. Many artists and businesses make up HUA, a growing artist community.

Welcome to our new home at the Hungerford Building. It’s a space where we can show off and meet all of you.

Work space

This is our primary work space. We’ll be able to construct all but our largest sculpture pieces right here. If you call ahead for a smaller piece, we can have it ready for you when you arrive, or you can come in and hang out with us while we create the piece for you. The best part is that we just have a space to work on whatever you help us dream up.


When there are no sculpture projects going on, the main room is set up as a gallery. Framed fine art pieces and posters of past projects fill the walls. All of our artwork is for sale.

The studio cam
The latest picture from the Airigami Studio Cam. You may be able to catch us working on a sculpture or just hanging out with friends. New photos are taken every couple of minutes. (Note: If no one is in the studio, the picture doesn’t change, so if you see the same pic every time you refresh, it’s probably from the last time someone was there.)

If you think the webcam picture above is a good one that we should save, please let us know:

Gift Shop

Looking for unique art to give as gifts? Everything in our online gift shop is available to be picked up right here in the studio.


We haven’t put together a schedule of classes yet, but that’s coming too.  We have lots of seats and a new air conditioner to make this place  comfortable. If you’re interested in classes or private instruction, please contact us.


We don’t have regularly scheduled office hours. On weekdays during “normal business hours”, we’re in the studio as long as we’re not working on projects in other locations.  So give us a call (585-359-8695) if you’re in the neighborhood, or contact us to schedule a visit.

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