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Balloon Manor updates

Usually around this time of the month, when I sit down to share updates with everyone, I have collections of new photos …


Testing the waters

 There’s nothing quite like a giant orange octopus… For the past four years we’ve created installations to entertain the visitors to SUNY Oswego’s Friends …


Alice in Istanbul

We’re heading to Istanbul, Turkey in a few days to fill the Palladium Mall in Atasehir with an Alice in Wonderland installation. …

How to Catch a Mouse with Larry and Chloe

Rochester public appearances

We have quite a few public appearances coming up over the next two weeks in Rochester. Most of these are presentations of …

Space Shuttle

Small step, giant space shuttle

  Quick statsBalloons used: 30,000Height: 65 feetBuild time: 4 daysCrew size: 8Volunteers: hundredsEquipment: Custom inflators designed by Airigami and Aircraft Pumps, along …